Enrollment & Tuition 2018-2019

All tuition is payable in advance for each term. (4 terms)

Aug 2018 / Oct 2018 / Jan 2019 / Mar 2019

**NOTE** Dance classes run for the school year (September to May). You are liable for the full tuition from the date of enrollment unless you give written notice to cancel you financial obligation for the next term.


Registration fee – $20 per student 

Family Discounts – 5% off each additional child

Pre-pay Discounts – Pre-pay for the entire year and receive 10% off first class per family

Scholarship Program – Fundraising available to help families in need of financial aid

Script Program – 5% to your organization- Does not apply to pre-pay discounts

No Recital Fee – We sell tickets for the recital to cover our facility costs

All classes below are per student

~ The dance school year = 4 Terms Total from September to May ~

1st ½ hr  ‘class’ or subject $68.00 / Term Term = Approx 7-8 lessons
2nd ½ hr ‘class’ or subject Add $58.00 / Term *$10 off the 2nd ½ hr  ‘class’
3rd ½ hr ‘class’ or subject Add $48.00 /Term *$20 off the  3rd ½ hr ‘class’
Each additional ‘class’ Add $48.00 / Term *$20 off each additional ½ hr ‘class’
45-minute class $80.00 /Term (Ballet age 11 & older, Advanced Jazz age 13 & older)
1-hour class $90.00 / term (Advanced Ballet, Pointe & Technique)

The following classes must be approved and discounts listed above do NOT apply.

Private – ½ hour class with 1 student $175 per term per student

Semi-Private – ½ hour class with 2 students $130 per term per student

Trio – ½ hour class with 3 students $100 per term per student


Payment Policy

Please remember that you are liable for tuition for the full tuition from the date of your enrollment unless you give written notice to cancel your financial obligation Any payment 30 days past due will be subject to an 18% annual service fee. There is a $35 service fee for any check that is returned to us from your bank for any reason.

Make-up lessons

Missed classes due to illness may be made up by coming to another class IF one is available. Private, semi, and trio classes do not have make-up lessons available due to the nature of the class.

Dress code policy

All students are required to wear proper dance attire as stated in our dress code policy.

       Please refer to for proper attire for you class.

Waiting Room Behavior

Please supervise your children at all times.